Wished you could autofocus on adapted lenses using all the modes on Sony? [Sony firmware update for A7III / A7RIII]

The latest buzz for Sony users! Sony finally unlocked all the autofocus on the A7III and A7RIII without their latest firmware update. No news about this being done for the earlier versions though. Although sony says they did this for their A mount to E mount adapters. Several users have tested this with their Sigma and Metabones adapters and it seems to be working fine, only slightly slower than native lenses. This opens up the ability to use a lot more of canon lenses on the Sony system.

Does this help Sony? Of course, it does. Imagine all those users with canon lenses who are still on the fence about switching to sony or getting a sony as a second body. This means more sony body’s sold. which eventually translates into more Sony lenses being sold in the future. Sony just needs to get as many Sony cameras out there. They need to ensure that the brand is trenched in for the long war. A big war is coming soon! It’ll be a massacre with Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and Leica placing their armies on it. and we all will watch it with our pop-corn tubs in our laps. 

Such steps ensure that exclusivity is reduced in the gear in photography. More open systems means more gear options to end users. We can now cheery pick which we like from each brand!

5 Signs you have got GAS [Gear Acquisition Syndrome] and why? : Photography talk

Gear acquisition syndrome is something we as photographers are prone to develop. It’s an irresistible desire to keep acquiring all those drool-worthy gadgets for photography. It’s a boon for camera manufacturers and a bane for all those with difficulty in keeping it in check. Here are few signs to point out if you are affected by it (not so scientific)

  1. You have bought a camera or lens which you haven’t taken out to shoot with for more than 6 months.
  2. There are more photography gadgets on your shelf than your kid has toys in his/her room.
  3. The guy at the photography store is so familiar with you that he keeps a newly released item safe for you even before you call or visit them.
  4. Your wife has asked you to hand over your salary every month the day it’s deposited or keeps your only debit/credit card in a safe at home.
  5. The photography friend gang talk more about your gear than your photographs.

Comment as to which one of these points is true for you, let’s see who scores what.

Now, let’s get the more interesting part. Why does this happen?

The Fear of Missing Out.

Every-time a gadget is released as an upgrade, you are afraid of missing out those “new features” the camera manufacturer has announced. What if those extra 10 focus points will help me? All those extra pixels help my photograph look better? If that extra 2 frames per second will help me get the moment more precisely? Things like these… You get the point.

Peer pressure.

You want to keep up with the fancy gear your friends have. Given enough budget, you’d want to beat them and brag about it. It’s like buying cars or all that fancy jewellery.

Compensating for our insecurities

Whenever we think of starting a new project, we are afraid of failing in the face of unexplored territory.  We blame it on the lack of resources and time. And then, we try to compensate for those insecurities with newer or more gear.

Stress. [ Yes, you read that right ]

Our Prefrontal cortex plays a role in controlling usually keeps our impulsive behaviour in check. Under stress, that inhibitory action is somewhat weakened. Thus, boosting the chances that we buy things impulsively. These impulse purchases and the several other rewards like the first click with that new camera are associated with triggering the reward system in the brain to release Dopamine, which makes us feel good and temporarily relieves stress.